Always a Bridesmaid

Terrified of ending up alone and turning 30, filmmaker Nina Davenport has become obsessed with the institution of marriage and its promises of fulfillment. In “Always a Bridesmaid”, Davenport confronts her fears from the trenches, where appropriately and ironically, she works as a wedding videographer – all the while questioning why she has complicated her own situation with a noncommittal boyfriend who is five years younger. Never shy with her camera, she cross-examines failed love interests, interrogates nervous brides, gathers advice from anyone who will listen, and captures the most private of discussions with her amiable yet aimless current sweetheart. Along the way, she entertains the idea of spending life alone, seeking the wisdom of very old women who chose not to marry, as the film becomes an insightful and humorous meditation on the human desire for connection. Ultimately, this story of one woman’s attempt to navigate her love life is a document for a generation of women both freed and overwhelmed by increasing choices.