Kiss the Water

Once upon a time there was a woman that was different than the rest. She lived in a small village in Scotland and made it her life’s work to create salmon flies that looked like tiny works of art in a small house with no electricity and no running water. She liked dressing  like a man on top, wore a jacket and tie over a tweed skirt below. She cut her own hair. She did not fit in well with others but loved folk dancing – the one thing she did well with company. Without ever leaving the small corner of the Earth she called home, her reputation reached Charles, the Prince of Wales, who – bewitched by her artistry – arrived on her doorstep. He too, same as museums and collectors around the world, wanted to learn how she twirled bits of colorful fur and exotic feathers round a tiny, sharp metal hook to seduce the fish. Mysterious and isolated from the modern world, Megan lived a life with no compromises, unwittingly becoming the leading lady of a sensual, hypnotic and haunting movie after her death. 10 years in the making, Eric Steel spins Megan Boyd’s seemingly simple life into a fairy-tale, weaving seamlessly between cinematic documentary and hand-painted animation. Delicate and poetic, just like her fishing flies.