On Football

In 2013, director Sergio Oksman was reunited with his father, Simao, who had walked out on his family 20 years earlier. Father and son promise each other to meet up a year later and watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 together, that was going to take place in Brazil, where Oksman was born. But although Simao appears to possess a bottomless command of football trivia, he simply can’t be bothered to go to any of the actual games. His son, riding around in his car – a passenger on his day-to-day life – tries to get to know him better. Why did he abandon his family only to live in a hotel for the next 14 years? For the duration of a month, while the entire world has switched their attention to brightly-lit stadiums, “On Football” focuses on the relationship between two men, only to realise that’s it’s easier to talk about sports than your own feelings.