Planet G(reece) #7: Doc & Graphic Design

The workshop is implemented under the Active citizens fund.

Have you ever considered that a poster is not just an image but a way of communicating with your audience? Design studio Bend, who specialise in cultural events, will teach participants the basic tools of graphic design and help them create their own original posters. Using collage as our primary technique, we will build imagery that speaks for itself and add digital elements to complete the picture. Participants will breathe new life into old newspapers, magazines, recyclables and well-read books in front of our very eyes. The posters will be exhibited at the program’s closing festival and accompany the films everywhere they go, both in Greece and abroad. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

The workshop mentor will welcome participants to his printing facility and will show them the mechanics of offset printing. What do printers really do? What’s the difference between offset and digital printing? What kind of things does he like to print best? Why does he still love paper so much?

Participating in the workshop does not require any prior graphic design experience. All equipment and materials will be provided by Exile Room. The workshop making-of will be edited and shared within a month after the workshop is over. The workshop will be taught in Greek and English. An interpreter will be available for additional languages.