Planet G(reece) #5: Doc & Sound

The workshop is implemented under the Active citizens fund.

Have you ever tried watching a horror film with the sound off? If not, this is probably a good time to tell you that it’s not scary at all! Does that mean that sound is what causes the strongest emotional reactions and not image? In this workshop, sound recordist and director Christina Pitouli turns documentary on its head. Participants, divided into four groups, will be asked to work with a piece of music associated with a different emotion: happiness, sadness, fear and something a little more abstract and harder to define. Each group will take to the streets of Monastiraki, escorted by an instructor, on the hunt for a scene or a short visual story that works with the music they have been assigned. How do we record extra sounds to bring our story to life? Are we allowed to intervene in real-life events to suit our purpose/piece of music? These and many more questions will be answered in this unusual filmmaking workshop where music takes the lead!

The workshop mentor will be an established composer, who will take the participants on a visit to a music studio and will offer precious insight into what it’s like to write music for a living. Where does he get his inspiration? Does a composer need to play lots of musical instruments? Is there money in the music business?

Participating in the workshop does not require any prior film experience. All equipment – except for your cellphone – will be provided by Exile Room. The short film you will shoot with Christina will be edited and shared within a month after the workshop is over.

Christina Pitouli is a documentary director, editor and sound recordist. Her awarded documentary short “Bref” (2013) was officially selected in over 35 international film festivals and was awarded in five. For the past two years, Christina has been working as a production manager for the Onassis Cultural Center’s music events.

The composer/workshop mentor’s name will be revealed soon. The workshop will be taught in Greek and English. An interpreter will be available for additional languages.