The ATH Documentary

What does skateboarding in Athens really mean? How do Athenians react at the site of a speeding board? What are the hot spots around town? What’s a typical day like for a skateboarder living in the Greek capital? It took revered skating videographer Kostas Mandylas 2 1/2 years to provide his own answers to these questions with a breathtaking documentary that takes an in-depth look at the local skateboarding scene. Through his idiosyncratic perspective, that spikes reality with just the right amount of dreamy imagery, Mandylas brings city skaters into focus, along with their world view, their habits, their dreams, their lifestyle and their thoughts on the future. The urban skating culture, a little-known slice of of modern-day Greece, unfolds in 57 adventurous minutes through the eyes of seasoned pros and new kids on the block, still learning the ropes. Featuring: Vangelis Makrogiannakis, Michalis Vasilakis, Giorgio Zavos, Dimitris Baris, Christos Loupis, Thomas Kolousis, Giotis Gordios.