The Creeping Garden

Is it an animal? Is is a plant? Is it a fungus? Or maybe a visitor from outer space? Well, none of the above. So what is this mysterious organism that’s creeping right beneath our feet, lurking in shady corners and hiding under fallen trees? And why have distinguished scientists, amateur naturalists and avant-garde artists fallen for its charms, mesmerised by its idiosyncratic intelligence and its otherworldly appearance, capable of giving you the chills? Brace yourself for a real-life science fiction documentary by artist/filmmaker Tim Grabham and writer/film curator Jasper Sharp, who take it upon themselves to reveal the secrets of this utterly bizarre life form, known as myxomycetes or plasmodial slime mould! And the best (0r worst) thing about it, is it’s everywhere around us, although most are unaware of its existence. In fact, very few people had even attempted to decode its eccentric habits until recently, but what this creature’s fascinated observers have discovered challenges our ideas of intelligence, engineering, social dynamics and the intersection of art and science. The directorial duo trace the trajectory of their constantly mutating protagonist ands its passionate devotees, breathing new life into science documentary. Boasting astounding time lapse photography and an atmospheric soundtrack by Sonic Youth’s Jim O’Rourke, “The Creeping Garden” is solid proof that this world still has a few mysteries left to unravel.