Three Identical Strangers

In 1980, through a series of coincidences, two complete strangers –19-year-olds Robert Shafran and Edward Galland– made the astonishing discovery that they were identical twins. They had been separated at birth, adopted and raised by different families. Even more incredibly, when their story ran in the New York Post, another 19 year-old, David Kellman, realized he was their triplet, adopted to yet another family. After an overwhelmingly joyful reunion, they became instant media sensation sensations, even appearing in a movie with Madonna. But the brothers’ discovery set in motion a chain of events that, decades later, unearthed an extraordinary and disturbing secret: The triplets –along with numerous other multiples– had been deliberately separated as part of a quest to answer the basic nature-versus-nurture question at the heart of human behavior. Tragedy followed, and today the brothers are determined to unearth the truth behind the events that tore them apart. A documentary feature that is part emotional family drama, part conspiracy thriller, and a gripping, cinematic experience.