When I Will Be Dictator

“Is there only one universe? Do we only have one life? And when we die, is it forever? Is there something beyond the infinite ? Is there any link between our short lives and this Universe? This project tries to provide answers to these old human questions, elaborating a kind of personal and burlesque cosmology, based on the latest astrophysics discoveries.” Defying the boundaries between fiction and documentary, Yaël André recruits hundreds of home movie reels in Super 8 and 16mm from the 40s until the present day, acquired in jumble sales and flea markets around the world, orchestrating her own playful narrative thanks to a deeply emotional voice over. Aided by a masterly montage, the private moments and forgotten memories of strangers are pieced together in an imaginary biography, a story about parallel universes and alternative realities. A tragicomedy that walks the fine line between reality and (science) fiction, “When I Will be Dictator” elevates the personal story of a tragic friendship into a charmingly bizarre story on life and death, joy and sorrow.