NOVEMBER: Drug wars

Travel with us to the other side of the Atlantic (USA and Mexico) to discover the unseen side of the drug plague with two documentaries that will make “The Wire” and “Breaking Bad” look like a visit to Disneyland.

The House I Live In

In the last 40 years, the infamous War on Drugs in the US has caused 45 million arrests, cost the government billions of dollars and brought entire communities to their knees without reducing the spread of illegal substances one bit. Director Eugene Jarecki takes a headlong dive into a maze of conflicting political interests and criminally severe laws, in order to expose a monumental absurdity at the expense the country’s most underprivileged citizens.

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The Night Watchman

From dusk till dawn, Martin stands guard at a very unusual cemetery: a sprawling graveyard filled with garish mausoleums, built in memory of the country’s slain drug lords. Undeniable proof of an undeclared war, this outrageous necropolis is growing by the minute, offering employment to a horde of workers as the grim future prospects of the surrounding area – one of the country’s premiere drug-dealing destinations – is mirrored in the domes’ shiny surfaces.

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