FEBRUARY: The Spanish Connection

Picking up where our #GirlPower Tribute left off, we continue introducing innovative female filmmakers to the Greek public, only this time we focus on ethnographical documentary. From the South American forests all the way to the Sahara desert, three Spanish speaking female directors reveal the unknown pleasures of experimental ethnography through two features and a 2-day masterclass.

África 815

Going in depth into her father’s photo archive and diaries about his experience during the military service at the Sahara Spanish colony in 1964, Pilar spots the lost paradise where he would always try to come back.

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“Belén” is a story about finding inspiration in the most unlikely places and, in turn, becoming a never-ending source of inspiration yourself.

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Experimental ethnography with Natalia Marín


Right after the Berlinale, Spanish filmmaker Natalia Marín makes a brief stop in Athens to initiate Greek audiences into experimental documentary. Part of film collective “Los Hijos”, Marín and her collaborators have invented a genre of their own, where ethnography meets avant-garde.

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