A Bigger Splash

Beautiful like a rainbow and as real as a synthetic diamond, “A Bigger Splash” predicts the onslaught of reality TV that flooded our screens in the early ’90s and never really went away. Half-dramatized sequences from David Hockney’s glittery life at the height of his power infiltrate the Swinging London scene without a care in the world. Immaculate Californian boys, fashions shows, turquoise swimming pools and –at the bleeding heart of it all– a breakup that left such an indelible mark on Hockney’s life that he offered director Jack Hazan £20,000 to destroy the devastatingly beautiful 35mm prints of the film. Lucky for us, he didn’t give in to the temptation, bequeathing world cinema with a refreshing documentary that still feels like a tall drink of water on a blistering summer day.