True to our mission of community-building through the unexplored powers of documentary, we like to keep things as transparent as possible. Read on for financial and other information about our company structure.

Financial reports

The list below contains the financial reports for the last five years.
Financial report 2019
Download the file (PDF)
Financial report 2018
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Financial report 2017
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Financial report 2016
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Company structure

Valerie Kontakos

Valerie Kontakos is the founder and director of both Exile Room and Exile Films. She is the primary producer at Exile Films and oversees all the educational videos produced by Exile Room. She participates in the film selection for the company’s various screenings, events and festivals, and directs her own films.

Despina Pavlaki

Despina Pavlaki is a producer at Exile Films and the general coordinator at Exile Room. She designs all the educational programs and fundraises in Greece and abroad. She participates in the curation and organisation of the company’s various events.

Thanasis Patsavos

Thanasis Patsavos is the main curator and coordinator of Exile Room’s documentary screenings, events and festivals. He project manages locally funded events and is in charge of the company’s website and digital communications channels.

Ioanna Giakoumatou

Ioanna Giakoumatou is the general coordinator of Exile Room’s educational program Planet G(reece). She is in charge of production, as well as all communications with participants, instructors and collaborating NGOs. As an educator and animator herself, she often teaches at Exile Room workshops.

Board of Directors

Valerie Kontakos

Mark Hadjipateras

Vassilis Sourapas

Elli Paspala


You can view the list HERE.


You can view the list HERE.