Racing Extinction

Five years after he won the Best Documentary Oscar for “The Cove”, Greek-American filmmaker Louie Psihoyos is back with the extraordinarily ambitious “Racing Extinction”, expanding on man’s detrimental effect on the environment. This time around, he recruits a team of talented artists, activists, scientists and environmentalists in order to expose the impact of human activity on mass extinction. Using covert tactics and state-of-the-art technology, the “Racing Extinction” dream team sheds light on some of the most destructive practices in the world, from the international wildlife trade to petrol company politics, potentially resulting in the loss of half of all species until the end of the Century – a period scientists describe as the sixth major extinction event in Earth’s history. The one before that was responsible for taking out the dinosaurs. So much more than your average eco-conscious documentary, “Racing Extinction” is a fascinating environmental thriller with never-before-seen images that will change the way we see the planet forever. And, most importantly, it’s a desperate call to arms and an inspiring affirmation to preserve life, as we know it, before it’s too late.