Exile Films

Exile Films is an independent production company based in downtown Athens, specializing in documentary film. Founded in 2007 by Greek-American director/producer Valerie Kontakos, it has become a springboard for Greek filmmakers who live and work on the intersection of local and global.

Notable credits include “Volta”, the company’s only fiction offering directed by Greek-American filmmaker Stella Kyriakopoulos in 2014, which went on to become the first Greek fiction short to screen in competition at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The film toured more than 75 festivals worldwide and won 9 awards, including the Women in Film LA Award at Sundance.

In 2015, director Valerie Kontakos completed her third feature “Mana” under the Exile Films masthead, which went viral during the 2018 wildfires in Greece, helping the nuns featured in the film rebuilt their orphanage, after it nearly burned down to the ground. Production was completed with the aid of a successful Kickstarter campaign, which became the second most successful film-focused crowdfunding initiative in Greece.

In 2018 the company produced “The Last Partisan”, directed by Greek-British filmmaker Andreas Hadjipateras, which tackled the life and times of Manolis Glezos, best known as the man who tore the swastika flag from the Acropolis during the Nazi invasion in 1941, later to become a Euro MP at the age of 92.

Exile Films is currently developing “Queen of the Deuce”, a feature documentary that tells the story of Chelly Wilson, a highly controversial and fascinating woman, from her early days as a Jew in pre-WWII Greece to her meteoric rise through the Times Square pornography circuit in the seedy ’70s. Torn between latent feminism and ruthless exploitation, she was a true pioneer and the biggest riddle in New York. The film is co-produced by Canada’s Storyline Entertainment and is expected to debut on the festival circuit in late 2020.

Exile Films has also produced documentary series, music videos and promos, always returning to longform non-fiction.






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