Planet G(reece) #6: Doc & Activism

The workshop is implemented under the Active citizens fund.

It’s time to take climate change seriously! In this workshop, we’ll look in every corner of the city for revolutionary, eco-friendly solutions and people who have dedicated their lives to saving the planet. Are there any local businesses based on recycling? What can an entrepreneur do to limit his or her carbon footprint? Are there organizations in Greece working towards informing citizens about environmental issues? Filmmaker and extreme sports lover Themistocles Lambridis, along with his cinematographer brother Dimitris Lambridis will help participants make a short documentary about his second most favorite thing in the world, after sports: protecting the planet. Together, we will document daily practices anyone can adopt to limit their negative impact on the environment, as well as talk to all the people who have taken a stand against climate change.

The workshop mentor (psssst, her name will be revealed soon) has spent almost a decade on Greenpeace ships and has dedicated a large part of her life to activism. Curious about what that means? Now is the time to ask her all your questions. What does it take to become an activist? Is it an actual job? How do you make money to survive? How dangerous is it?

Participating in the workshop does not require any prior film experience. All equipment – except for your cellphone – will be provided by Exile Room. The short film you will shoot with Themistocles will be edited and shared within a month after the workshop is over.

Themistocles Lambridis studied sound and music production in London and followed his passion for extreme sports all the way to New Zealand, where he worked as a photographer for five years for the largest bungy jumping company in the world. That’s where Jagged Melon Productions was born, in collaboration with his brother, Dimitris Lambridis. Their film “The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary” (2015) has screened in festivals around the world.

Dimitris Lambridis is a photographer and filmmaker with a focus on documentary work. Raised in Athens, Greece. Currently based in London where he has resided for the past 5 years. He has shot various commercial projects and assignments that balance out the personal work that has a heavy grip on his creativity.