A Story for the Modlins

The chance discovery of an incredible VHS tape leads Sergio Oksman to conjure up the biography of a wannabe superstar, who never got his big break. The mysterious Elmer Modlin made an uncredited background appearance in “Rosemary’s Baby” before he fled with his family to Spain. Along with his wife and son, they retreated behind the shuttered windows of an impressive, darkened apartment, living their own version of stardom. His wife Margaret paints surreal religious paintings modelled on her son and is busy preparing her legacy that will undoubtedly make her world famous after her death. Their son, basically forbidden to go out, escapes their suffocating embrace only to meet an early death. A fascinating, partially imaginary biography of a failed actor, “A Story for the Modlins” is a conjuring trick that screened at some of the biggest festivals in the world (Sundace, Karlovy Vary, Clermont-Ferrand etc).