Cesária Évora

A decade ago, the Barefoot Diva who refused to wear shoes, even at Carnegie Hall, in solidarity to her humble countrymen and women, passed away. Despite being born and raised in extreme poverty, Cesária Évora always loved to sing. When she ran away from the orphanage where her mother had abandoned her and ended up on the street, when she fought for her right to live freely, when she sank into long depressive episodes – singing was the only ray of light that pulled her forward. Featuring rare archival footage and recordings of Évora’s music, the film follows the singer from her island childhood in Cabo Verde (formerly a major hub for the slave trade) to grand performances in front of thousands of fans around the world. Évora loved nothing more than dancing, smoking and drinking. She knew how to make money and give it away, and she refused to take orders from anyone.