Listen to Me Marlon

If Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate Hollywood sex symbol, then Marlon Brando was, without a doubt, her male counterpart. At the same time, he was an immensely talented actor and an uncompromising personality, who did not hesitate to voice his opposition to the start system whenever he felt the need. With exclusive access to the actor’s personal archives, including his previously unheard audio tapes spliced into his filmography and incidents from his private life, Stevan Riley’s film is the ultimate documentary about Marlon Brando. A million miles away from any conventional biography, the film follows his legendary career and his larger-than-life persona beyond the stage, from his dizzying rise to fame to his later isolation, exploring his corkscrew personality and telling his unique story from his own perspective. A highly creative odyssey into the mind and the motives of an enigmatic man, led by Brando’s own voice dips between light and dark, humour and self-psychoanalysis. A charming, emotionally complex portrait, moving between screen performances and personal life with eccentric virtuosity. Like Marlon himself.