Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy

She’s the Mick Jagger of Mexican Cuisine; she’s the Julia Child of Mexico; to some, she’s the scourge of gastronomy. She stands at five feet tall, bears 95 years of age, is an English woman at heart. Diana Kennedy is a curious nut; she’s the leading academic expert on Mexican cuisine, she sunbathes with a glass of scotch at hand, grows her own vegetables, coffee, and corn; she faithfully reuses a collection of plastic bags in virtue of environmentalism. “Nothing Fancy” is our chance to foray into her curious world; our chance to experience its sizzling wit, ripe wisdom, fresh perspective. It is a deep-dive into her history, a tour around her Mexican ranch, an introduction into her being. “Nothing Fancy” is a humble foray into the mind of an exuberant character; it paints the portrait of a woman conventional in her unconventionality.