How many artists in this day and age go by their first name alone? Tina, or rather Anna Mae Bullock, born and bred in Tennessee, was un unwanted child who thought she found salvation in the face of dynamic R&B band leader Ike Turner at the tender age of 17. But when Ike realized she was going to be his ticket to stardom, their sibling-like dynamic transformed into a sadistic relationship within the span of five years. The film knocks on 79-year-old Tina Turner’s door, who now resides in a lakeside mansion in Switzerland, asking her to relive her troubled past for one last time. The result is a heroic music documentary, chronicling the rise of the first black, female rock & roll superstar, who appears to have done the impossible: gracefully bow out, wanting to live the rest of her life in peace – something the likes of Mick Jagger & Co would never be able to do.