Docs in Exile 2021: Wild East

Wild East takes us on a journey through the Siberian tundra all the way to the frenetic and borderline surreal development of China’s industry and overall economy, only to end with a group of five women who inadvertently left an indelible mark on Japanese pop culture.

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“Ascension” is an impressionistic portrait of China’s industrial supply chain that reveals the country’s growing class divide through staggering observations of labor, consumerism and wealth. The documentary portrays capitalism in China across the levels of its operation, from the crudest mine to the most rarefied forms of leisure.

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The Witches of the Orient

Take a journey back in time to meet the former stars of the post-war national Japanese women’s volleyball team. Now in their 70s, they used to be known as the “Witches of the Orient” because of their seemingly supernatural powers on the courts.

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Life of Ivanna

Passionate and strong, Ivanna is a young Nenets woman and mother of five children. Raising them on her own in the harsh environment of the Arctic tundra, she lives according to Nenets traditions: Herding reindeer through the vast tundra in small nomadic communities, moving their houses on sleds and enduring extreme temperatures.

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