Ismail and Hakan start working at a gigantic all-inclusive hotel on the Turkish Riviera. Ismail is 18 and needs to earn money for his family. He’s been hired as a kitchen porter but is in fact a talented hairdresser. Hakan is 25 and hopes to overcome his social anxiety while working as a lifeguard at the hotel aquapark. As the friendship between Ismail and Hakan grows stronger, it becomes clear how different they are. Watching the guests from behind his buffet, Ismail’s appetite to discover the West only seems to increase. Hakan, on the other hand, struggles to be ‘the nobody’ the hotel business demands him to be. He tries to discuss Pushkin and Dostoyevsky with the Russian tourists in vain. Is it possible to set your identity aside for the sake of money? “All-In” explores the loss of innocence against the backdrop of a fading European dream, as the boys become part of the absurd western tourism machine.