Docs in Exile 2021: Artificial Paradise

Artificial Paradise traces humankind’s often unreasonable attempts at creating the ultimate environment to house our bottomless egotism: from the quirky cast of characters residing in a geriatric Disneyland, made in the USA, to the all-inclusive resorts of the Turkish coastline all the way to Georgia, where an unseen wealthy landowner uproots humongous trees from their native villages to build his very own Garden of Eden.

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Some Kind of Heaven

“Some Kind of Heaven” explores life inside the palm-tree-lined streets of The Villages, America’s largest retirement community in Florida. Referred to as the “Disneyland for retirees,” this planned community is home to over 130,000 seniors, offering residents a utopian version of the American yesteryear.

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Ismail and Hakan start working at a gigantic all-inclusive hotel on the Turkish Riviera. As the friendship between the two boys grows stronger, it becomes clear how different they are.

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Taming the Garden

A powerful and anonymous man has developed an unusual hobby. He buys century-old trees, some as tall as 15-story buildings, from communities along the Georgian coast, and has them excavated to collect them for his private garden. This almost poetic act of bottomless egotism leaves everyone in a state of discomfort.

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