It’s widely accepted that, due to overpopulation, humanity will inevitably run out of food. Noma, one of the most celebrated restaurants in the word, is making a brave attempt at getting ahead of the curve, sending a young chef and an enthusiastic scientist to research the protein of the future: bugs! Determined to turn any insect that crosses their path into haute cuisine, the dynamic duo scours the planet in search of creepy crawlies that actually taste good enough to eat. From Kenya all the way to Mexico and from Italy to Australia, the two charismatic professionals eat everything in their their wake, constantly thinking about the future of the planet and the viability of their brave undertaking. Shortly before they present their findings at a conference held by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, they are forced to come face to face with the inconvenient truth: What if, instead of saving the world from hunger, they’ve just discovering new resources that will end up making food companies even richer?