FEBRUARY SCREENINGS: Dancing with fiction

From Argentina to Barcelona and the most obscure corners of Eastern Europe, music and dance take center stage at Exile Room this month thanks to two incredible documentaries that flirt unabashedly with fiction!


The screenings are part of the Docs in Exile 2023-24 Documentary Festival, which is implemented under the auspices and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

La Singla

Antonia Singla was born in the suburbs of Barcelona and became deaf shortly after birth. Surrounded by flamenco, she learned to dance without ever hearing a single note – simply by looking at her mother clapping. At the age of 17, she revolutionized the world of flamenco and became a huge star. And then, she disappeared off the face of the earth.

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The Klezmer Project

Argentinian cameraman Leandro makes a living from filming Jewish weddings. At one of his jobs, he falls in love with Paloma, the clarinetist of the Klezmer band, who play an idiosyncratic blend of European folk music with deep Roma roots and classical music overtones.

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