Docs in Exile 2021: Voyage to Freedom

Double bill Voyage to Freedom captures staggering testimonies by a handful of people who have come face to face with their worst nightmares, while attempting to build a better life for themselves and their families. This non-fiction duet hits very close to home, as it starts out in Sweden but ends up on the Greek shores.

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Purple Sea

This heart-wrenching documentary would be called expressionistic if it wasn’t so unintentionally real. Syrian artist Amel Alzakout documents her dramatic passage from Turkey to Greece via a camera affixed to her wrist, when the boat she is fleeing on suddenly sinks off the coast of Lesvos.

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Wake Up on Mars

Furkan, the youngest member of a Roma family living in Sweden, attempts to come to terms with the mysterious illness of his two sisters. Ibadeta and Djeneta have been in a coma-like state for several years, victims of what has been named the “resignation syndrome.”

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