MARCH: The rules of the game

This March, Exile Room takes over the playing field with a riveting film duo that’s quite capable of knocking you off your feet, even if you hate sports! A beautifully orchestrated look at a Swiss Championship football match is the perfect warmup for the adventurous memoir of an unbeaten women’s volleyball team that left an indelible mark on Japan’s pop culture thanks to their nearly superhuman stamina!

The Game

Alongside referee Fedayi San, we experience the highs and lows of a football game, what it means to earn respect on the field and conduct the energy of an entire stadium like a true maestro.

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The Witches of the Orient

Take a journey back in time to meet the former stars of the post-war national Japanese women’s volleyball team. Now in their 70s, they used to be known as the “Witches of the Orient” because of their seemingly supernatural powers on the courts.

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