Planet G(reece) #7: Doc & Journalism

The workshop is implemented under the Active citizens fund.

What does documentary and journalism have in common? Can a documentary film inform viewers about current affairs? How can journalists use digital media to tell a story?

In this workshop, we will explore various journalistic techniques used in documentary filmmaking, we will learn how to prepare and manage an interview, and how our research can turn into a project that will travel all around the world!

Together, we will learn the differences between a documentary film and a podcast (also known as an audio documentary) and how to choose the ideal medium for our story. The instructors will help participants navigate all the stages of producing a documentary, starting with the concept.

Participating in the workshop does not require any prior journalism experience. All equipment –except for your cellphones– will be provided by Exile Room. The short film you will create with your instructors will be edited and shared within a month after the workshop is over. The instructors will teach in Greek. An interpreter will be available for additional languages.

Admission is free of charge.

To participate in the workshop, please fill out the form HERE.

Contact: e-mail, tel: 210 3223395 (office hours: 12-5pm)

Wearing a mask during the workshop is recommended.

Myrto Symeonidou studied journalism and went on to do a post-graduate degree in cultural management. She has worked in the field of communication, documentary production and social pedagogy, mostly engaging with teenagers and young adults. She has directed two documentaries: “Oppression” (2014) and “5½ Years” (2022).

Ioanna Papaioannou studied journalist and did her post-graduate degree in culture and cinema. Her filmography includes short “Spectrum” (2016) and feature “5½ Years” (2022). She has worked in communication and digital media and has gained experience in social pedagogy.